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Birth Stories
Birth of Kaiva, February 2009

September 20

3:30 am    (Rolling around in bed.)  Was that a dream or is Les in labour?  Did she just call here or was that a dream?  Get drink of water….back to bed.  Mental note to call her in a.m.

7:00 am    Awoken by milk thirsty toddler.  Think of Les.  Must remember to call her.

7:20 am    Ring-da-ring ring (special ringer that I have assigned to Les & Pete’s number).  Gasp.  Kregg answers phone….Hello?  Hi Pete.  Really?   How is she?  Al right!  Oh…that’s funny (Pete tells Kregg chili story), ok, here is D.

D….Hey, are you ready?  How is Les?  How far apart?  How strong?   When did they start?  (Pete tells D chili story)  Let me talk to her…(with Les)  be sure to rest…sleep more if you can.  Oh, you are in the tub – great.  Have some breakfast too.  I’m leaving in 5.

7:30 am    On highway racing to Hamilton to help in any way I can.




Upon arriving at Les & Pete’s place, it was easy to see that things were under control.  They were both excited, but calm.  Les was willing to try different positions and techniques to deal with the early labour.  Of course Java was there, nosing around in my bags – and she and Anna both played with my tennis ball!  The contractions came and went and so did we.  We took a walk up the street, gave out voting information (!?!) while Pete made a quick stop to Tim’s for his only meal of the day!


After a few hours, Les wanted to head to hospital and check on her progress.  We packed the car and headed off to Hamilton Health Sciences Centre – 4th floor, Labour and Delivery.  We were greeted & checked in and offered a spot behind the curtains of Triage.  After 3 rounds of questioning, an internal exam, homeopathy, blood work and many more contractions, we were moved to Delivery Room 10.  Les was doing great, and Pete was supporting her physically and emotionally.  They were a wonderful team.  Since the contractions were getting stronger, we moved to the hot shower with and without the ball.  This seemed to be helpful in terms of getting things moving in a direction closer to the birth!  The excitement was rising, but so was the fatigue and discomfort. 


Les breathed through more tough contractions while trying to rest back in bed.  When things started to get even tougher, we were off once again.  This time we got Les into the big tub where she could float and be surrounded in the warmth.  She was moving in the right direction, with stronger contractions and lots of nice moans as they came and went. 


Back to the room with yet another increase in frequency and intensity!  That water worked great for her.  Upon being checked at this point she was ~6 cm.  What great progress.  We were so proud of all of the great work she was doing.  Trying to breathe through these next contractions became tougher and tougher as the urges to push increased.  Les puffed and breathed and puffed and squeezed (fingers, hands, etc!) until we were certain that it was time for pushing.  With another internal exam performed, only a lip of cervix was preventing baby from coming through the canal.  So now Les would begin pushing as the nurse tried to slip the remaining cervical lip over baby’s head.  Les gave it her all with lots of good, strong pushes.  She pushed and pushed, and before we knew it we were seeing baby’s crown! 


Les, not sure if she could believe us at this point wanted to see for herself.  A mirror was positioned so she could view the baby getting closer to our world.  Les soon reached to touch her baby’s hair and knew that there wasn’t much longer to go.  With all the docs and nurses in attendance and prepped for the arrival, Les gracefully delivered her baby girl at 6:10pm and announced her name to be Kaiva Emily.  What joy and excitement this little bundle brought! 


After a little snuggle, Mom was whisked off to have some internal repair performed while Dad stayed with Kaiva as her newborn procedures were performed.  Kaiva was hugged and kissed by Dad, but as soon as Mom was back she was eager to get into her arms and nuzzle up to the breast.


Once transferred over to the Maternity wing, Les got settled in for a bite to eat and a good sleep while Pete took Kaiva for her first bath.  D said her good byes and praised her friends for their amazing work and beautiful end product!

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