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Birth Stories
Birth of Nora, April 2011

Jessica had enjoyed a wonderful pregnancy full of activities of yoga, looking after and walking her dogs and eating well, while dutifully taking her lavender/nettle tincture.

She passed her suspected "due date" and was hoping to avoid an induction, so she opted to prepare her body by practising her hypnobirthing techniques she had learned in her class and by receiving acupuncture.

She had been experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions for a couple of weeks, but one early Monday morning her contractions felt a little different.... 

7:15am I receive a text from Jessica giving me a "heads-up" that she thinks today might be the day. I call her to see how she is doing. She had sent her husband Dan to work and explained she had woken up in the early hours with contractions but they had since calmed down and were less frequent. I offered for her to come in for an acupuncture visit. She was eager to accept as she had an induction scheduled in three days. She continued the morning with a good breakfast and some stretching and relaxation. I recommended her to keep eating many small meals to build up on fuel.

Jessica and her husband Dan come to the clinic at 3pm, calm and comfortable. I get things progressing with a relaxing, yet stimulating treatment of acupuncture. One hour later I receive an update that Jessica’s contractions have become more frequent and intense. But overall she is doing well during her early labour.

As the afternoon progresses to evening, the couple decides to finish their light dinner off with a short, evening walk with the dogs.  Short it was indeed.

By 7pm she tells me contractions have been consistent but she is not sure they will stay that way. Dan suggests a snack and a movie. She drinks a unique concoction for stimulating labour while aiding digestion. It helps for a few hours, but by 9pm the contractions have slowed again. We are back to the waiting game. 

At 11pm Dan calls. Jessica needs me. Her contractions are 5-10 minutes apart and are lasting 45 seconds consistently. I\'m on my way!

I arrive. Dan is busy getting the water boiling and is filling the birthing tub with water. Jess is upstairs rocking and moving well with each contraction. She is focused and calm. The dogs are in their crates quietly watching every minute unfold. I help by making sure she stays hydrated and giving her support through massage and coaching.

March 29th fades into night and we move into early morning. Everything is progressing beautifully. Jessica is breathing well with each contraction and she is deep in concentration while keeping her face and body relaxed.

A knock on the door marks the arrival of the midwife. Having just come from a delivery at the hospital, she comes into the home and checks Jessica. She is 4 cm dilated. We commend her on her fantastic progress and suggest labouring in the birth pool now that it is ready.

The water is nice and warm--great job Dan!

As we approach 4am Jessica moves from the pool to the bathroom. This sitting position is fantastic and she progresses even more. She drinks lots of fluid and chews on her ice cubes. The midwife asks her how she feels, because she is starting to do some low humming. Jess says, yes everything is intensifying. The midwife examines her. She is now 8-9cm---Woohoo! Everyone is getting excited. Her water breaks and soaks the midwife, but she is happy that the fluid is clear, being almost 2 weeks post due date. Jessica is instructed not to push.

At 4:15 am she moves back to the birth pool following 3-4 powerful contractions.

At 4:50 am and 5 more contractions and a push Jessica can feel the head. She is encouraged by the midwife to listen to her body now.  2 more contractions and some work will have the baby out---and she does! Welcome bright eyed, alert and beautiful little Nora--who is placed immediately on Mom\'s chest to bond.

Nora is then given to Dad\'s bare chest as mom delivers the placenta.

Everyone is healthy and happy. Wonderful work Jessica, Dan and Nora--the Moon-Water baby!

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